Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suspend the Elections

Memo from McCain to Obama:

A McCain campaign spokesperson had the following statement on wanting to suspend the elections:
We are formally asking the Obama campaign if it is OK to get Bush to temporarily suspend the elections.

It will just be until John McCain is ready to start a running a real campaign.
  • At first we thought rigor mortis was setting in.
  • His doe has been caught in the headlights from the recent economic news.
  • Palin nearly shot him.
  • Did we mention McCain was a POW?
  • This is a time for Democrats and Republicans to come together and put the country first!
  • What else?


GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

McCain's bid to suspend his campaign is similar to a yellow caution flag coming out in NASCAR races. The caution allows the guy in second place, which according to the most recent polls would be McCain, to close any gap and climb up onto the bumper of the race leader.

The difference is that in NASCAR the caution flag gets thrown as a result of external circumstance, like a wreck or debris on the track, and not by a race participant.

The Economy's implosion is not an excuse for McCain's lack of endurance, energy, or ability to multi-task.

Vigilante said...

Let Obama debate Bob Barr and an empty chair. That should do fine.

Stella said...

WTF? Suspend the elections? Is this a joke? Vig, I have to admit I'd love to see Obama destroy Bob Barr. His redneck VP choice, Wayne Allen Root, is even worse.

I will say this about Gravel. Root went up to him at the Libertarian convention to get Gravel to endorse them. Gravel refused to get on stage. But what's with his Palin crush?