Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can we afford to lose Biden as VP

According to Project Vote Smart... his record speaks for itself. Any comments from my bumpy colleagues?

Note: The VP debate will occur on 10/02/08. I wonder if our "October Surprise" will be McCon dumping Palin. One can hope.


Vigilante said...

What is this, Stella? Losing Biden? Where does this come from?

I like Biden. He's a nice old man. Trouble is, when our country is overrun with Weimar Republicans, it is not a country for nice men.

Hear that, Obama?

Messenger said...

I hear that, Vigilante.

Stella said...

If the thugs hand the White House over to McCon and Pale-In, we lose Biden and, of course, Obama.

The two owners of the voting machine manufacturers were both Bush Rangers and the O'Dell "I'm giving Ohio's electoral votes to Bush" (2003) debacle in Ohio still rankles me.

I greatly admire Biden, plagiarism aside. But, like Vig, I agree the Dems cannot afford to play nice. I've evem linked several PUMA sites on my blog so people can hit the root cause.

As a result of MSM and newstime devoted to that c*** from Alaska, I ask again: "Can we afford to lose Biden as VP?" If they win, we will, and we lose our country.

Boris said...

As the first one on this blog who has suggested Biden going, I suggest Stella be awarded the Pundit-of-the-month award. It's a long shot, but she mentioned it first. (Even if she's beating around the BUSH as to how likely or how she views this possibility.)

DB Cooper said...

How could Biden be moved out of the VP slot? Republicans could change their slate with a whisk of their pen. But don't Democrats require a procedure? A process? Like in the consent of the Party?

Stella said...

One would think, db. The VP slot is at the whim of the Presidential candidate. Many of the GOP were highly anti-KAW (Killer from Wasilla). The party didn't choose her: it was McCon's decision.

This is a particularly ugly election. The PUMAs are doing serious damage to the Obama/Biden ticket. Vig, losing Biden—it's a possibility. The sons of bitches played us again. Or maybe McCon might dump KAW. Notice how the rethugs are setting the Dems against each other yet again.

I hope Biden destroys that bitch on the VP debate. Women, who comprise 52% of the country, are wholly divided. That doesn't bode well for the Dems. We can only wait.

This isn't a conspiracy theory, Vig. Just a musing as to possibilities. I feel Biden is a great person and politician.

LTE said...

I donno.... I heard Biden in a speech on TV a few hours ago in NH admit that Hillary would have been a "better pick for vice president" than himself. What does that mean?

Stella said...

That Biden has integrity, Ite.