Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Vice-Presidential Selection Was Predicted!

by our own GetaLife-ReadUrNews!

GAL-RUN selected Sarah Palin from Alaska and thus becomes the winner of Speed Bump's first Pundit-of-the-Month Award to be posted on our side bar until another is selected! Congratulations, Pundit-Extraordinaire!

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DB Cooper said...

Congratulations, I'm sure, Geta Life. But who is Palin Sarah? And what are you doing here if you know the mind of John McCain?

Vigilante said...

As I have said before with respect to vice-presidents:

Presidential candidates select veeps to balance their ticket if they are not confident of winning; Presidential candidates select veeps to help them govern for their first four years if they are confident of victory.

That is why I argued long and hard for Obama to select a member of the Democratic Party's varsity to help him govern. Obama is the most over qualified candidate in this generation, objectively. And he is paired against the second least qualified candidate of this generation.

I would say that McCain's selection of Sara Whatshername is indicative of neither of the above: she is neither intended to balance the ticket (like Huckabee or Romney) nor help him govern (like Lieberman). I would argue that Sara-X's selection reflects a third agenda: Richard Viguerie, et. al. of the inner circle of the GOP king-makers forced McCain to take her in order to maintain the purity of their basic First Principles (that's what they call them) for the next four years. In other words, The McCain ticket is not supposed to be a competitive ticket. It's a composite of McCain's vanity + the GOP politburo happy to have some old self-absorbed fool serve as a place-holder for them.

The GOP is always toward the long term: Let the Dems take the blame for national bankruptacy and international defeat so they can retake the White House when they have rebuilt their brand.

Is is possible for McCain to win? Sure. Barack Obama could implode like John Edwards. Is that likely?

One thing is sure, in my view: Obama and his supporters have to be fixed on one fact. McCain is not Barack's greatest adversary. It's the punks, pimps and prostitutes in the main stream media who can beat Barack Obama.

But I digress.....

Soros' Proxy said...

Congratulations to G.A.L.R.U.N.

Congratulations to John McCain, too, for clarifying the issues!

Blogging4Food said...

Quote of the day?

State Senate President Lyda Green (GOP!) said she thought it was a joke when someone called her at 6 a.m. to give her the news of Sarah Palin becoming a Vice President.

"She's not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president? Look at what she's done to this state. What would she do to the nation?"

Green, is from Palin's hometown of Wasilla.

America Blog

Vigilante said...

I claim support for my position from the NYT: Advisers Say Conservative Ire Pushed McCain Away From Picking Lieberman

For weeks, advisers close to the campaign said, Mr. McCain had wanted to name as his running mate his good friend Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democrat turned independent. But by the end of last weekend, the outrage from Christian conservatives over the possibility that Mr. McCain would fill out the Republican ticket with Mr. Lieberman, a supporter of abortion rights, had become too intense to be ignored.

With time running out, and after a long meeting with his inner circle in Phoenix, Mr. McCain finally picked up the phone last Sunday and reached Ms. Palin at the Alaska State Fair. Although the campaign’s polling on Mr. McCain’s potential running mates was inconclusive on the selection of Ms. Palin — virtually no one had heard of her, a McCain adviser said — the governor, who opposes abortion, had glowing reviews from influential social conservatives.

Palin was forced upon McCain by social conservatives to retain the purity of the party's bloodlines for the next four years...

GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

No, Vigil. Cindy McCain says Palin Has National Security Experience Because Alaska Is Close To Russia. From the horse's mouth!

GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

And I humbly accept the award for PUNDIT-OF-THE-MONTH.

That should increase my street credibility around here. For awhile, andy way.

Messenger said...

In his 2002 book, “Worth the Fighting For", written with his top adviser Mark Salter, McBush tells of his history of making fast, instinctive and sometimes risky decisions:

I make them as quickly as I can, quicker than the other fellow, if I can. Often my haste is a mistake, but I live with the consequences without complaint.

The only questions is how well the rest of us can live with the consequences of his hastiness.

Emily said...

Was Palin's family vetted? The Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has announced that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child.

Emily said...

What if one of the Obama children were older and pregnant? What would the Repugs make of that? This is a fair issue.

Boris said...

If it were an Obama child, McCain woulda said she was ugly because her real father was Janet Reno.