Friday, October 17, 2008

News Flash!

Barrack Obama
Admits He’s Pals With
William Ayers,
Vows to Have Ex-Terrorist
Serve America by Bombing
Wall Street!


Tech Ref said...

Voting for Obama is a waste of time.
He passed the job application.
That application is a sure sign that he is a pawn and working for corporate fascism.
Technocracy Technate :: Index
He would not differ from the Albino Chip Munk... (McCain) to any degree.
Real alternative does not look like either candidate... and can not be gotten at in the current establishment.

Anvendelig said...

Not voting?

Blogging4Food said...

Technocrats never vote. They just build sand castles in the sky.

Vigilante said...

Food-Blogger, this scene reminds me of the most famous cinematic explosion of all time from Zabriskie Point (1970). At the time we didn't have video clips or You-Tubes. I had to drag Trophy Bride out to see it several times. I couldn't get enough of it. It was that cathartic.

Anonymous said...


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